Curriculum that we use

Our Third Grade Curriculum

Language Arts

First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind
Reading- My girls are avid readers. Honestly, I’ve never met kids who read more. I’d like to take the credit for that, but I can’t. They loved bedtime stories and started re-“reading” favorites to themselves. Once their amazing kindergarten teacher got them off and running, they were gone! I have had several people at school express their surprise at what a great reader Thing1 is. She struggles in many areas, but this has fortunately been one area in which she has always managed to do well. We’ll read, do narrations, and read some more. I’ll incorporate some fun lap books and projects to go along with several choice books over the year, but their language arts programs should cover the technicalities they’ll need.*Update. We are using the American Girl books for the bulk of our reading “instruction” time. Their Liberty Girls group fits nicely into our curriculum!
Writing with Ease Level 2- I bought this a few months ago and the girls really don’t like it, so we’ll see. *Update. They love it now. It’s so fast and simple, yet it has made a big difference in their accuracy. 


Christian Light Education, Grade 2, then 3
This program is slightly harder than our state’s standards, so we are playing catch up a bit. This is a perfect program for my girls. It has a light approach, lots of consistent review, and only takes them about 20 minutes per lesson. I didn’t want to waste money on some big, fancy math curriculum since I know how and when to supplement. I own most of the manipulatives those programs sell, anyhow. I just wanted a simple, core program to make sure I wasn’t skipping anything. I can’t say enough good things about this program!
We supplement math with Math Their Way and other hands-on activities.


Story of the World, Volume 1, The Ancients
Story of the World 1, Activity Book


We’ve purchased a few resources, but we’ll be focusing primarily on Astronomy. It’s part of the Utah core and my girls have a HUGE interest in it right now.
Nature Journals
Aquarium, Children’s Museum and Zoo- We have memberships to each of these places and will draw on them to enhance our science studies.


Dance Mat

Etiquette/Social Skills

The Ettiquette Factory

Speech for Thing 1

The Listening Program
Webber products for articulation and language
Tongue thrust exercises

Other Activities

Weekly Library Trips
Lots of art projects