A Review of Girls of American History

If you are a parent, chances are you have some American Girl paraphernalia floating around your house or accumulating on your child’s wish list. Perhaps you’ve even splurged for a doll or a trip to an American Girl Store. When we work with our children, we know that what they remember most is what they love. Children learn best when they are moving and doing, going and seeing. Justine Gamble has taken the best of hands-on learning experiences and combined them with the beloved book series in her new curriculum, Girls of American History.

Each of her eight units highlights a different doll and transports your child back to that time. From the story of Kaya, a Nez Perce Indian, in 1764, to Molly, from World War II, these units allow your children to discover what life was like for the characters in the accompanying books. Most of the books from the American Girl historical character series are written on a 3-5th grade level. Because of their relatively short length and colorful pictures, they also make for engaging read alouds with younger siblings.

Girls of American History has compiled book lists, crafts, projects, lapbooks, and even ideas for field trips. The guide includes ideas for extended study in history, geography, language arts and character study. Rather than spending hours on the internet looking for ideas and tracking down kits, Justine has compiled it all of the links and information for you, complete with a sample schedule, should you choose to use it.

These units would be perfect in either a family or co-op setting. Activities can be chosen based on the needs and interests of the group. This affordable, secular curriculum can be enjoyed by both girls and boys in a wide range of ages because of its flexibility. Girls of American History could easily provide the foundation of a study in American history, or add depth and variety to your current curriculum.