We stayed at Fish Creek Campground because it was one of the few campgrounds in the park that was pet friendly and accepted reservations. A lot of the campgrounds are first come-first served and were full every night. I’m not really sure what people do who show up and don’t have a place to sleep for the night.

The campsites were way too close together, the bathrooms were a bit of a hike, and we had to drive to the showers (which didn’t seem to get much use). But, the campground sits right on Lake McDonald, which was breathtakingly beautiful and COLD. So, so cold. It was nice to come back from a day of hiking and be able to relax and swim. glacier10

There seemed to be a lot of locals who use Fish Creek Campground as a party area. We camped next to two different parties like this. They rarely left their campsite and stayed up making noise until all hours. Such a contrast from most of the other sites filled with hard core hikers we rarely saw. My best advice would be to make sure you are near very small campsites. We were in Loop C, the no-generator loop. Try to stay at one of the sites along the lake.

We really enjoyed cooking on this trip. We always tried to find either a Whole Foods or a local grocery store and we’d stock up on whatever was on sale. We bought some great salmon in Missoula. The hard thing about cooking in Glacier was that you aren’t allowed to let anything touch the ground. You can’t pour things out, rinse dishes, wash hands- nothing. Everything has to be dumped in a special sink at the bathrooms, which like I said, were a hike! It made cooking a little more difficult than in other campgrounds, so we did end up eating at a restaurant one night, which convinced us that cooking was definitely worth the hassle!


The girls enjoyed a few of the Ranger programs, including an evening program in the amphitheater, an astronomy program about the sun at the Apgar Visitor’s Center, and a Jr. Ranger program in the children’s area at Apgar.


glacier8 glacier9




It was cool enough that we were able to leave the dog in the car while we hiked at Logan Pass across the Continental Divide. I felt like we were in Switzerland. We were so close to the glaciers, there were green meadows, and we even saw several mountain goats. It’s a very easy, but incredibly scenic hike. I highly recommend it for kids.






Overall, our time in Glacier was peaceful. Whether you hike or drive, there are endless sights to see and they are constantly changing because of the melting glaciers. I don’t think there will be any ice left for the girls to show their children.