We spent one night in Missoula before heading into Glacier National Park. I’d love to go to Missoula again and spend more time seeing the town. It was my husband’s birthday, so we enjoyed a nice dinner at the Riverside Cafe. They were nice enough to let us have the dog on the porch and the food was delicious, and mostly local and sustainable.

As we drove toward the park the next morning, we saw a sign for fresh jerky and we had to stop. Little did we know it was an actual slaughterhouse- yeah, that fresh! We had to go IN the “kitchen” (think operating table with chunks on the floor) to make a purchase. While it was a new and slightly awkward experience for us, it was really neat to see the six year old grandson in there talking with grandma as she packed meat. We got some jerky and even got the dog a huge, sinewy bone (I know, I know, it was only once).


On our way out, we passed the building where the actual deed is done, right there by the basketball hoop.



Hey, it’s important to know where your food comes from.