Virginia to New Mexico

We’ve made it through four days of driving! So far we are all fairly happy and still enjoy each other.

The drive through Virginia and West Virginia was my favorite. The scenery was beautiful and we even stopped at a swimming hole to get our wiggles out and let the dog swim.

photo (2)

We also stopped in Huntington, WV and ate pizza on the Ohio River. We drove across the river into Ohio just so we could cross Ohio off our list!

photo (4)


The drive into Kentucky was gorgeous and we LOVED Lexington, where we stayed the first night. It was a beautiful college town that seemed big enough to have all the conveniences of a city, but small enough that it had a lot of character and was very manageable. We stopped at the University of Kentucky and drove around the campus and surrounding area.

photo (5)

From Lexington we drove through a torrential downpour into Louisville. We thought we’d check out Churchill Downs and to our surprise, there were race going on all afternoon. I stayed in the car with the dog and Daddy took the the girls into watch a race. Churchill Downs was very impressive, even from the outside. The girls came back excited to tell me all about the horse that won. They were able to stand right near the finish line. We didn’t see much more of Louisville. It turns out that Churchill Downs is in a pretty rough neighborhood and we just focused on getting back to the freeway in one piece.

photo (6)

From Louisville we drove through southern Indiana and Illinois into Missouri. We headed to downtown St. Louis to The Boathouse, a dog friendly, waterfront (there is a large pond) restaurant near the zoo. It was a relaxing way to end the day and we even met a couple from Oklahoma City who were able to give us some advice for our next leg of our trip.

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photo (8)

We spent the night at a great hotel in Wildwood, Missouri, an upscale suburb of St. Louis. Once we left the St. Louis area the next morning, it got very rural very fast. We stopped at a rock shop, then had catfish for lunch in another small town. We decided to push through and make it a little farther than Oklahoma City. We ended up in Elk City, OK. In the morning, we visited the Route 66 museum and it was a hoot! They also had replicas of several of the first buildings from Elk City, filled with artifacts and enthusiastic docents. There were two gentlemen running the soda fountain who were excited to hear all about our trip.

photo (9)

The drive from Oklahoma to Albuquerque was uneventful and painfully boring. However, at a rest stop in Texas, I did feel a sense of home as I smelled the sage brush and felt the dry air. It is nice to be back in the desert again, especially because I know it will be for a short time!

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We ate at a GREAT New Mexican restaurant in Albuquerque called Mary and Tito’s! We had stuffed sopapillas, chicken flautas, and Mexican wedding cake. It was the best food of the trip, so far! We are excited for more adventures!

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