I grew up in Santa Barbara and my parents are divorced, so my girls have two sets of grandparents that we get to visit when we are in town. We were there for a total of three and a half weeks and we were able to do a lot!

The highlight for the girls was the week they spent at UCSB surf and kayak camp, of which I of course have no pictures! They went every afternoon and were able to surf, kayak, boogie board, and play. Both girls got up on the surfboard and Thing 2 got fairly confident with her new skills. I was so proud of Thing 1 for trying, let alone getting up. Her dyspraxia makes it incredibly difficult for her to manage something like surfing. They both made friends and participated in the sand castle contest on the last day.

I was glad they were able to have this experience since they aren’t going to sleep away camp this year. I get nervous before they go to camp, especially for Thing 1. I worry about her socially and I worry about her navigating new situations. She always does well and it ends up being a growing experience for us all. I think summer camp is especially great for homeschooled kids because it gives our kids a rather large chunk of time away from us. The social culture is a bit different than it is with their homeschooled friends, and some of that is great. Camp usually keeps them in mixed age groups, to a degree, which they are used to from their homeschool groups. Thing 2 spent most of the week playing with a 13 year old girl who was happy to hang with the 10 year olds. There tends to be a little less pressure to conform and perform to a specific expectation, compared with a traditional school setting.